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dental sealant

Dental sealants are a proactive and protective dental procedure aimed at preventing tooth decay, especially in the grooves and crevices of molars and premolars. Comprising a thin, plastic-like coating, sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of these teeth, creating a barrier that shields them from bacteria and acids responsible for cavities.

Sealants are particularly beneficial for children and adolescents, as their newly erupted permanent teeth are vulnerable to decay. The procedure is painless and non-invasive, involving cleaning and drying the tooth before applying the sealant material, which is then hardened with a special light. Once in place, dental sealants effectively seal off nooks that are challenging to clean through regular brushing and flossing.

By acting as a protective shield, dental sealants significantly reduce the risk of cavities and can last for several years with proper care. This preventive measure, when combined with good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits, offers a valuable defense against tooth decay and supports long-term oral health.

dental sealant

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Nancy Wilkes
Nancy Wilkes
The staff is always professional, kind, and pleasant. They make you feel at ease and confident that you are being well cared for.
Jenna Harrison
Jenna Harrison
So gentle and thorough! I had a filling replaced and couldn’t be happier. He takes extra time to make sure everything is perfect and is always checking on your comfort.
Five Stars. My first visit today was a wonderful experience - professional, thorough, with kindess and warmth. Dr Williams I found to be patient, sincere, and caring. Sharon took care of my teeth with the utmost of care. The Ladies at check out were attentive and kind. Wonderful group, and Highly recommended.
Alyssa Funt
Alyssa Funt
Five stars. Dr. Williams and staff are very friendly and supportive. I’ve gone for regular check ups, fillings, and crowns and never had a bad experience. They were very accommodating when I had a few last minute emergencies and followed up regularly to ensure I was okay. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.

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